Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to earn from twitter

Make Easy Money
With Twitter

Step 1) Get one or more twitteraccounts. Twitter requires no
email activation, so get as many accounts as possible to
start with.

Step 2) Join


network. Twtad is a advertising network
specially for twitter. They pay by paypal, when you reach 20
$, within 48 hours! You choose which ads you want to post
on your twitter profile and you will get 0.01-0.10 $ per click.
After you joined Twtad, you can ad your twitter profiles. To
post an ad, simply press ´post ad´ and select the profile you
want to post from.

Step 3) Mass follow people. If you follow them they will
follow you back and then you can ‘promote your ad’. This
can be done with the free website


. You can follow
people that twitterd about certain items with


. To get
higher CTR, you should follow people that twitter about the
same subject as the PPC ad. You can set it up in less then a
minute and it will work for you till the limit has been reached.
To auto-follow users you can also use hummingbird.
You can use


to auto-tweet and auto-message
followers with your ad. This will significantly improve the
amount of clicks.

Step 4) Wait for people to follow, or rinse and repeat.
Good Luck !

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