Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 WaYs To Get Free Domains

10 WaYs To Get Free Domains

1. free .com .net .org etc domains from register.com

For a limited time, you can register a new domain name for your small business
and get it FREE for the first year with no further obligation (a $35 value).

go to hereand sign up its free you just need a credit card

2. free co.uk domain for 2 years

just go to ovh and register a domain remember you must be a uk resident to register because they send you an activation code by sms. and one more thing you can register unlimited domains there.

3. free www.yourwebsite.co.nr domain

got to www.co.nr and regester a free domain

4.free www.yourwebsite.co.cc domain

got to www.co.cc and regester a free domain

5. get a free www.yourwebsite.tk domain

got to www.dot.tk and regester a free domain

6. domain from namepros (exclusive) any domain .com or .in or .net etc

go to Namepros.com and register an account and earn nps(their currency) easy to earn because there are many offers once you get the required nps you get your

free domain.....

7. you.com.co.in domain

go to com.co.in and register to get your domain

8. use this black hat ebook to get free .com domains


This is a free Blackhat trick on how to register Free .COM Domains.
(If you are scared of doing blackhat tricks then this guide is not for you.)

If you like this share,reps are appreciated.

9 free .gov or .edu domain

Step 1: Well the first thing you need is SEO for Firefox or the SEO Toolbar, they are pretty simple easy to install just Google it for download link. Most of you should already have one of these plug-ins installed or something like it. If you do you just ignore this step.

Step 2: I am assuming you already have a niche and a couple of good keywords. Now you are going to search a very generic term for your niche example: if your niche is “Internet marketing” then search some thing like “How to make money online” or “make money online” Pick a couple of the big guys like “Blogspot” or “pearsonified.com.”

Step 3: Now if you’re using SEO for Firefox you well see under the search results “Y! .edu Links” click on it. You well then be taken to yahoo search, there well be a huge list of places were they got .edu links. Search through the list looking for Student Blogs or just a blog, but student blogs are the best. Your goal is to find a post that is really old and that got left out for dry. The older the blogs are the better chance you have of not running into the dreaded “your comment is waiting moderation.”

Step 4: Once you find a blog that allows you to comment with no moderation, well its pretty simple comment on every post. Just in case I mix up the name/keyword up a little so it doesn’t look like I’m spamming.

Step 5: This step is the most important, you have to ping it. Most of this blogs are buried deep into the website so if you don’t ping it Google well never find it.

Note: The same can be done with but .gov it’s allot harder because less people have .gov links.

There you go, you have some .edu link’s I know this isn’t the easiest way to get links but you have to mix it up. Just having a couple edu links well help your blog out allot not just because the .edu links them self’s but because Google well disvalue your links if there not mixed up and scattered all over the place.

10. free domain from hyperwebenable

go to


make sure you put a good message...

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