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iPhone TIPS: PicasaTweet Keeps Tweeted Photos in Picasa Albums

Posted: 24 Jul 2011 04:09 AM PDT

 - by - The problem tweeting photos is that you have to choose where to keep your tweeted photos. If you are using Yahoo's Flickr photo management service, most of the iPhone twitter clients will support the option to sent the tweeted photos to your Flickr collection. However, if you are an existing user of Google Picasa photo management service and want to keep your tweeted photos in your Picasa albums, Picasa aware twitter clients are pretty hard to find in the iOS App Store.
Photographer and iOS Developer Leendert Versluijs ( contact info  LappdevV ) was facing the same problem and had developed PicasaTweet  [free] to solve his and maybe your problem. There is also a premium version PicasaTweet Pro [$1,99]. I know Leendert, and we did a short Q&A session about his PicasaTweet development adventure.

Q: Who should buy this app and what is the main goal of this app?
A: Users of Picasa who want to take and share photos using Twitter. PicasaTweet helps the user to keep all photos in one place: Picasa and still be able to share photos using Twitter. With the latest developments of Google+ where Picasa will be the main photo store PicasaTweet is now also targeting Google+ users!

Q: What is the coolest feature?
A: Ease of use of the application, taking a picture, adding a message and uploading the photo and tweet can be done very fast. The user interface is designed so you can really fast take it photo and share it.

Q: How much time did it took from idea to app and what was the hardest part?
A: The idea for PicasaTweet was born six month ago when i got worried about my photos getting scattered over the internet. I didn't like my photos at Twitpic with all other photos at Picasa. PicasaTweet is a written in Objective C and despite being new to the platform i managed to write the application in 5 months. The hardest part were some minor things: image orientation and Exif information.

Q: What can we expect from future versions of PicasaTweet?
A: Google+ integration when Google releases the API, creating a new album in Picasa for your photos, iOS 5 Twitter integration and other features requested by users of PicasaTweet.

iOS App Store:
PicasaTweet - LappdevV (FREE)
PicasaTweet Pro - LappdevV ($1,99)

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