Monday, June 13, 2011



iPhone TIPS: New Angry Birds 'Barcelona' Episode Life-Size Version [must watch video]

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 02:51 AM PDT

The launch of Angry Birds Rio followed by the next episode called Beach Volley Angry Birds Rio - Rovio Mobile Ltd.   [$0,99] , this is my favorite game on the iPad ever since. The extremely popular iPhone iPad iPod game Angry Birds has a new 'sort of' episode called Barcelona and shipped in a new form factor of "life-size" For the first time ever, watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs! The world famous Angry Bird tune is performed by life musicians. via facebook friend. video by lifeisforsharingDT [disclaimer: ITT is NOT affiliated with T-Mobile]

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