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iPhone TIPS: WWDC 2011 Summary Highlights

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 01:35 PM PDT

Apple iCloud will be Free. Expected in the fall 2011. photo via Engadget.com
[UPDATE] Watch the streaming video HERE if you have 2 hours time left, otherwise read the rest of the post :-)

These are my lists of observations during the WWDC 2011 keynote address given by Steve Jobs and others. By the way, no iPhone 4S today, software only and nothing released today.

Lion Mac OSX
  • Lion ships in July
  • Developer preview available today
  • Supports all your authorized Macs
  • $29.99 for an upgrade,
  • upgrade via Mac Appstore 'Buy' button
  • 4 Gibyte download, in place upgrade 
  • no reboots
  • No scrollbars, only when you scroll
  • Photo booth has face detection fun features to show off
  • Launchpad, pinch to have all your apps arranged as if it is iOS
  • Resume: Launch app and Lion brings you right back where you have stopped.
  • Auto Save: Document versioning feature, like the Time machine interface
  • Airdrop: peer-to-peer file sharing, auto-setup, auto discover, easy to use over Wifi.
  • Mail: Conversation view
  • Windows migration support
iOS 5
  • Ships this fall (no exact month named)
  • The SDK is available today.
  • Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch (3rd and 4th gen) 
  • Notification Center: Aggregates all notifications in  one view (mail, sms, missed calls)
  • Notification in Lockscreen and inside games
  • News stand: A magazine rack and auto downloads new issues
  • Twitter: integrates Twitter deep inside iOS, twitter from any app.
  • Safari Reader: button in the address bar, removes all distractions.
  • Safari: tabbed browser
  • Reminders: Geo location based reminders, alert when entering or leaving geolocation
  • Camera: shutter button now in lockscreen and volume up button, instant edit your photo's after you shot it
  • Mail: Rich text formatting, draggable addresses, flag messages, built-in dictionary
  • Secure Mail: S/MIME support
  • Keyboard customization: split keyboard in two pieces
  • Cut the cables and do it over the air: activate device OTA, iOS update OTA,
  • Game center: enhancements
  • iMessage: New app, send message to any iOS device wirelessly, encryption
  • Airplay mirroring: Mirror iPad screen to HDTV

  • "iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to ALL your devices. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all you devices" 
  • iCloud is Free
  • iCloud replaces MobileMe
  • Ships together with iOS 5 (this fall)
  • Supported: Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Apps Store apps, iBooks books,
  • PC-less: Back-up device every day to the cloud (wifi), restores to new devices  
  • iWorks: pages, keynote, numbers. Documents are available to any device.
  • Photo stream: Any photo taken are pushed to the cloud, then sent to other devices automatically.
  • Photo storage: iCloud stores each photo 30 days, device store 1000 photos and store all photos on your Mac or PC
  • iTunes: buy tune once, play same tune on all devices fro free.
  • iTunes Match: Matches your local tune collection and make the same tune collection available in the cloud, drm free, 256 kbps AAC without uploading because it is already there.
  • iTunes Match big advantage compared to Amazon and Google Music: It takes minutes in stead of weeks to upload your tune collection. Annual price for iTunes Match is $25
Photo is taken by our fellow bloggers from Engadget.com

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