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What Is Crowdsourcing & How It’s Used [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted: 09 May 2011 07:31 AM PDT

Have you ever wondered what crowdsourcing is, what sites on the Internet take advantage of it and its influence online? Well now all your questions will hopefully be answered with this infographic, designed and produced byOBizMedia.

What do YOU think about crowdsourcing? Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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Latest Hilarious Picks [MakeUseOf Geeky Fun]

Posted: 09 May 2011 12:06 AM PDT


Check out the top picks from MakeUseOf Geeky Fun during the last week.

  1. Reasons Why People Want A Mac (Pic)
  2. The Birth Of Music (Pic)
  3. How I Clear A Level On Angry Birds (Pic)
  4. Inspiration (Pic)
  5. Seductive Keyboard (Pic)
  6. Queen Elizabeth Looking At The Internet (Pic)
  7. Apple: The Beast File (Video)
  8. Makes Sense (Pic)

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SuperTinTin – Skype Video Call Recorder
Record and save your audio and video conversations on Skype or MSN. Easy to use.


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Cool Websites and Tools [May 8th]

Posted: 08 May 2011 08:31 PM PDT

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. You can make use of them without spending a dime. If you want to have similar cool websites round-ups delivered to your email daily email subscribe here.

Add Your Website Here!


Give The OK! – is a simple feedback tool mainly aimed at creative professionals (such as website designers) when working with clients. It lets you easily upload a screenshot of your work and then share it with your clients, to get feedback and track changes. Read more: Give The OK!: Easily Share Your Work & Get Feedback From Clients


CSS Warp – Warped text is any text that follows an irregular path, be it a in a circular shape or a random elliptical one. It can give a really cool effect to your webpage but is usually pretty complicated to create. CSS Warp is a CSS text to path generator that you can use to create warped text without writing a single line of code. Read more: CSS Warp: Create Warped Text With CSS Without Any Coding



360 Web Browser – iOS device owners would still like to have an excellent browser that lets them view streaming videos on various websites. The problem in doing this is that most videos require Flash – something that iOS does not support. Offering a workaround and letting your iOS device play Flash videos on most popular websites is an app called 360 Web Browser. Read more: 360 Web Browser: Feature Rich iOS Device Browser With Firefox Sync & Flash Support



Broadcastr – Nobody can express your thoughts better than yourself. Broadcastr empowers you to express yourself to the world by uploading your audio and tying it to a specific location. Users can then browse the maps to discover thousands of stories from thousands of people in specific areas and listen to them. Read more: Broadcastr: Listen To Location Based Audio Stories From Around The World



The Internet Wishlist – Developers, big or small, often wonder what people really want. The Internet Wishlist is a dead simple website that brings you a collection of website and application ideas that people wish for. Around 12 ideas are listed on a single screen, each idea accompanied by the Twitter handle of the user who submitted it. Read more: The Internet Wishlist: Collection Of Web Application Ideas From Random People


These are just half of the websites that we discovered in the last couple of days. If you want us to send you daily round-ups of all cool websites we come across, leave your email here. Or follow us via RSS feed.

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How Many Email Addresses Do You Have? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Posted: 08 May 2011 06:30 PM PDT

Last week we asked you to tell us how the iPhone and Android location data collection affected you. The results say that most of you hate the fact that this information is collected and you’re looking forward to a hack or law to prevent it from occurring.

We collected 217 votes divided like this: 39% hate location data collection and are looking for a hack or law to stop it; 24% don’t like it much, but can see merit in collecting the data; 22% realise that it doesn’t matter whether they like it or not as they’re never going to do anything about it; 10% love the data collection and are glad someone is keeping tabs on them; while 6% hate it and will ditch their phones, vowing to never trust Apple or Google ever again.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

As you can see, the bulk of respondents dislike the phone location data collection and are looking for a way to stop it.

This week’s poll question is: How Many Email Addresses Do You Have?

Most of us have been collecting email addresses for a while. But how many does the average geek have? There’s the personal email, your work email, the old email address you got when Hotmail was still cool, the aliases you set up for your domain (including all the ways people misspell your name), etc. Just how many email addresses exist today that would get a message to you?

So, why so many email addresses? Or why so few? Especially if you’re hovering around the extremes of this poll, please let us know why!


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Ensoul Giveaway Winners

Posted: 08 May 2011 05:00 PM PDT

The giveaway is over. So now let’s find out who will have complete control over their iPhone wallpapers.

And the winners are…

  1. A. Minkah
  2. Andrew Cho
  3. Ari Arsyadi
  4. Charles Babb
  5. Charles Smith
  6. Dale Dunphy
  7. Eric Miller
  8. Francesco Fiorino
  9. John Roads
  10. John Williamson
  11. Josh Joseph
  12. Kaal Dewar
  13. Kim
  14. Lauris Sestulis
  15. Mats Abrahamsen
  16. Pat Woods
  17. Rick Kirschner
  18. Robert Benjamin
  19. Seif
  20. Stephane Fortin
  21. Taneli Clarke
  22. Terrence Biggers
  23. Ummar
  24. velomac
  25. Vince Viloria

Congratulations! We’ve just sent you an email from confirming your prize. If you haven’t received it, please contact Jackson.


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20+ Apps To Bring Your Favorite Websites To Your Mac Desktop

Posted: 08 May 2011 03:30 PM PDT

mac web desktop shortcutThere are certain websites you access on almost a daily basis, and you can often find yourself with dozens of tabs open, and have to check each tab in your browser to find your favorites. Due to their popularity, some websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube can be accessed using third party desktop applications. These applications, more often than not, are developed by avid fans of these services themselves, and so you find them hitting on all the key features that you need.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps available for Mac users, some of which have already been reviewed extensively on MakeUseOf, while also highlighting some new apps you may not have heard of yet.


MailTab for Gmail gives you quick access to your primary Gmail account from the comfort of your status bar.
mac web desktop shortcut
What’s cool about MailTab it goes much further than just being a notifier to let you know when you have new messages, or an easy way to read those new messages. You can also reply to emails, compose new emails, delete, archive, add labels, and more. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to quickly pull up the app whenever you need to access your email.
web desktop applications
For a more complete Gmail experience on your desktop, Sparrow is the best option available for Gmail users.


Facebox Pro for Facebook is similar to MailTab for Gmail in that puts pretty much every Facebook feature within easy reach in your status bar. You can view friends’ profiles, update your status, check your Facebook inbox and even get on Facebook chat. One of the few things that you can’t do using Facebox Pro is upload photos to your Facebook profile.
mac web application


Tubbler is a sleek little desktop app for watching YouTube videos on your Mac. The feature list isn’t very long, but if all you’re looking for is an app to watch a playlist of YouTube videos on – Tubbler is sufficient.
mac web application
The main drawback is not being able to search for videos on Tubbler itself, but rather having to search for them on YouTube, after which you can drag the URL of the YouTube video to Tubbler to add it to the queue.
mac web application
If you’re looking for an app to convert YouTube videos to MP3s, the aptly named YouTube to MP3 will do just that. Copy the YouTube URL and hit Add from Clipboard in the app and the video will be automatically queued up. You can download several MP3s simultaneously as well as pause and resume downloads. Downloads are automatically placed inside your Music folder, in a folder named Downloaded by MediaHuman.
web desktop applications
If you’re looking for a way to both watch and download YouTube videos on your Mac, the desktop app, MacTubes has you covered. 
MiniTube is another solid option for Mac users who want to watch and download YouTube videos from the comfort of their desktop.


The list of free Twitter apps for Mac users is pretty much endless. With the official Twitter App definitely winning as far as popularity is concerned, there is a whole slew of other apps that have been reviewed by MakeUseOf before including Echofon, YoruFukurou and much, much, more.
web desktop applications


If you’re looking for a convenient app to upload images to Flickr, Flickr Uploadr is the best option. If you want to browse Flickr on your desktop, download Flickroom. Also be sure to check out this list of 5 Mac apps that you can use with Flickr.

mac web desktop shortcut

What Mac desktop apps do you use for your favorite websites? Let us know in the comments.

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Hot Tech Deals – Panasonic DMC-FH25 16MP digicam + more

Posted: 08 May 2011 01:30 PM PDT

We’ve got several random deals for you folks today. First off, we got the Panasonic DMC-FH25 16MP digicam at just $130 with free shipping. And for our audiophile readers, Shure is offering a discount of up to 30% on selected professional headphones.

For more fresh hot deals, visit our Hot Tech Deals page, which is constantly updated.

  1. Panasonic DMC-FH25 16MP 8X Digital Camera (Image Stabilized) $130.36 Free Shipping
  2. Patriot LX 32GB SDHC Card (Class 10) $42.49AR Free Shipping via rebate
  3. Yamaha RX-V867 7.2ch 92W/ch 3D Networked AV Receiver $464.99 Free Shipping
  4. Auria EQ4088p 40in LCD HDTV (1080p) $379.99 Free Shipping
  5. Shure SRH240 Professional Studio Headphones for $41.30 Free Shipping via code AFLHEAD30 (Exp 5/31)
  6. Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphone for $69.30 Free Shipping via code AFLHEAD30 (Exp 5/31)
  7. Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones for $104.30 Free Shipping via code AFLHEAD30 (Exp 5/31)
  8. TODAY ONLY Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle $259.97 Free Shipping

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10 Free MP3 Albums To Download [Sound Sunday]

Posted: 08 May 2011 12:31 PM PDT

free musicHave a great Sound Sunday!

Every week is a new experience, learning new things, meeting new people, and growing beyond yourself. You compile the soundtrack of your life. Take it on the road and let it help you see things in a new light. Hopefully, you will find elements you would like to take along in this edition of Sound Sunday.

If you want to push Sound Sunday in a different direction, post your feedback in the comments or send your suggestions to tina at makeuseof dot com.

Donnie Walden III – As Simple as it Gets

Genre: acoustic, alternative, pop, folk, reggae

From his Bio: “i have been passionate about music and performing since i was a boy. as i grew my love for the art and creativity in all aspects of the industry i began to understand where i ultimately wanted to be. on stage. on records. i live to create and share my music and it’s message with anyone who will listen. i try to envision melodies intertwining with new and old genres. trying to merge different cultures because in all reality, the more we differentiate ourselves without accepting each other, the farther we grow apart. music can change a person’s reason to live, or reason to die. it can impose ideas, and generate conception. it is a reason to live in this reality. it is what keeps me alive. i am here to share my journey of creating, sharing, believing, and ultimately learning to love through a shared feeling. the feeling of music.

As Simple as it Gets is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

The Black Bullet Promise – The Truth, My Dear

Genre: indie, americana, country, folk

From their Bandcamp profile: “So…. As the story goes….a few years ago we were recording a Tom Waits tune…I was drinking…..somehow we both ended up with guitars and spent the next few hours recording one song after another…..having no lyrics…..increasing this idea of some great American tale of lust and murder… the day went on it became more defined as some moral play about a train riding serial killer who really only wanted to fill his heart with the love of one who was lost…..

For a few years this idea churned and burned in our heads as William continued onward and I continued downward….until this spring with the help of our mutual love of Zimmerman we decided to finally make this story whole…one that had a beginning and no ending…or was it the opposite?

The Truth, My Dear is a free download from Bandcamp.

Elias – E – Sidez

Genre: alternative, indie, melodic, rock, electronic

This E – Sidez album features three exclusive remixes by Shawn Penner from the album Lasting Distraction of the Vancouver, British Columbia based rock band Elias.

E – Sidez is a free download from Bandcamp.

The Skinny Minnies – Remote.

Genre: indie, pop

The Skinny Minnies is an indie pop band from Toulouse, France. Mikael, Clement, Tom, and Camille have recently released their first EP, which contains four fast paced pop songs with a lot of positive energy.

Remote. is a free download from Bandcamp.

Nouveau Vélo – Courgette Demo

Genre: healing, pop

Unlike the band and album name suggest, Nouveau Vélo are not a french band. They are in fact Dutch. Free translation from their Facebook bio: Not cool, not fast, not smooth, they bring you authentic tunes, sunny and ragged.

Courgette Demo is a free download from Bandcamp.

Spiral – The Capital in Ruins

Genre: progressive, rock, psychedelic, concept album

After Citizen and Machine, this is Spiral’s third concept album featured on Sound Sunday. This this album they are heading to the future. As they have revealed on their Facebook page, it the album is a sci-fi re-telling of Irving’s ‘Rip Van Winkle’.

The Capital in Ruins is a free download from Bandcamp.

Lamplight Forest – The Flag Maker

Genre: ambient, electronic, experimental, sound art, collage

Lamplight Forest is the musical project of Al Thumm. From the project’s homepage: “This is an organically growing, ever changing online public exhibition of my work – music, design, art, poetry, all the things I love to create, together in one place – to share with people, because that’s what I live for.

The Flag Maker is a free download from Bandcamp.

Kannon and Monk – Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 8

Genre: hip hop, jazz, rhythm & blues, soul

Bandcamp intro: “Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 8 features 26 tracks by some of the up and coming names in hip hop, as well as some veterans to the game. You’re going to be tempted to download a song here, and a song there, but I would encourage you to download the mixtape as a whole, to get the full Chillin Like A Villain experience.

Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 8 is a free download from Bandcamp.

chill-40-11 – chill.04

Genre: ambient, electronic

free music downloadchill.04 is a compilation from the Chill label. Translation from the album page: “The word compilation in this case is misleading because the material despite the diversity of species represents a coherent whole. From ambient landscapes, through psychedelic chill, to break’a.  

Tangle species, electronics of all kinds in the characteristic style of Chill label.

You can preview chill.04 on Grooveshark and download the album free from the Chill label hompepage.

Brian James Kapler – Young and eager

Genre: electronic, pop, rock

From his Reverbnation profile: “After fronting acclaimed New York rock band Permanent Me singer/songwriter Brian James Kapler blends the snarl of punk with the catchy hooks of electro/pop in this giant dance party for the ages.

Young and eager is a free download from Bandcamp.

New to Sound Sunday? Past editions of Sound Sunday are available here.

Feel free to get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material, suggestions, and feedback or simply add your comments below.

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Optimize, Sterilize, & Harmonize Your System With ioBit Advanced System Care [Windows]

Posted: 08 May 2011 10:30 AM PDT

advanced system careI must admit I’m skeptical when I hear about any application that will solve all my Windows problems – especially if it mentions “optimizing the registry” – since most of those that you see online are actually just scams designed to infect your computer with malware.

Having given ioBit Advanced System Care a test run, I can confidently say it’s a great free solution for – indeed – many of your Windows problems. The app makes a thorough effort at both cleaning and optimization, though it did seem a little alarmist during the scan, insisting there were thousands of things that needed fixing with my perfectly operational gaming PC. Despite its tendencies to overreact, it’s more than capable and certainly worthy of the MakeUseOf seal of approval. Read on to find exactly what Advanced System Care (free version) can do for you.

Don’t forget, we have a Best of Windows software page with tons of other great system utilities and apps, and Tina’s fantastic Windows on Speed Guide that you can download for free if you’re looking to optimise your system. Before you do all of this, you might want to run some benchmarking apps too so you can see what a difference it makes.

Main Functions:

The app promises to speed up, clean your registry, fix your Windows problems, perform a full privacy sweep and paint your nails. Okay, not that last one – but it does promise a lot. Thankfully, the interface is very tidy and unintimidating:

advanced system care

Quick Care:


  • Malware scan
  • Registry fix
  • Shortcut fix
  • Privacy Sweep
  • Clean junk files

The Quick Care check-up ran through in about 5 minutes and immediately showed me a huge list of possible problems. I’ll be honest and say that the majority of “problems” it reports are akin to saying there’s a pencil on your desk when it should be in the pencil holder, and aren’t likely to cause you any problems really. However, it did unearth a number of old registry entries for programs I could’ve sworn I uninstalled. If you’ve been using the same Windows installation for a while now, constantly installing and uninstalling apps – then I suspect it really could have a benefit to your system to cut down on all the unwanted bits left lying around. The shortcut fix just removes broken shortcuts for old apps, and the cleanup of junk files for me consisted of 500mb of internet explorer caches, which is quite surprising because I rarely use the internet on that PC at all. Just goes to show, I guess.

iobit advanced system care

Deep Care:

On top of the quick care functions, Deep Care adds a selection of optimizations, vulnerability fixes and a disk defragment. Optimization basically means disabling services that the majority of users won’t need to be running, so I was pleasantly surprised by that option.

The “passive defenses” option sounded a little suspect to me, but it does secure your system from a variety of known malware and viruses – so if you’re type of computer user who insists on running an anti-virus, you should really appreciate this section. It certainly offers peace of mind for those of us with family who aren’t quite as selective in their choice of internet destinations.

Just so you know, each time you run the quick or Deep Care routine, the program creates a rollback in case some of the changes had a less than desirable effect. Given how the app actually does slash and burn through your registry and list of running services, this is a welcome feature.

iobit advanced system care

Turbo Boost:

Finally is the Turbo Boost mode, a quick set of optimizations that disables a whole load more core Windows services. I do suggest you run through the wizard and read each item carefully though, as it does disable quite a lot. For giving your system a quick boost for the latest game though, it performs well. In fact, to test it I ran 3DMark Vantage before and after – though bear in mind I had already ran a complete deep care of the system prior to testing speed boost mode, so it was already already performing fairly optimally. I’m pleased say that my 3DMark score jumped from 5654 to 5710 – definitely some gains in there, and I suspect even more so on aging systems.

advanced system care


I was pleasantly surprised at how well the free ioBit Advanced System Care actually performed, and it’s going straight on my list of “here, install that” app for relatives with computer pains. While some of the optimizations and fixes are somewhat suspect artificial solutions, the majority are based on logical techniques of disabling bits of Windows that most people never need. The software also recommends switching your Windows theme to the “basic”, as all those pretty colors and backgrounds really does eat a significant portion of memory – which impressed me as it’s the first thing I ever do with a sluggish PC.

If you get a chance, why not download the 3DMark Vantage benchmarking tool before and after running a deep care / speed boost and post your results in the comments – we’d love to hear how it works out for you.

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