Wednesday, May 11, 2011



iPhone TIPS: Most Simple iPhone Stand Ever [video]

Posted: 10 May 2011 12:42 PM PDT

Q: What the hell is this? A: The Oona is a versatile and simple smartphone stand, made of aircraft grade aluminum that can do as much in the physical world as your phone can do in the virtual. The most important thing is, the design is excellent. Here are some quotes from the three Bay Area designers:
"We wanted to make a stand that can do as much as your smart phone does. A "stand" in name only, The Oona can help you utilize all the functions of your smart phone, such as:
A GPS on the windshield of your car
A reference device on a white board
The ability to mount your smart phone to a tripod to take photos or video
The gift to keep your hands free while watching a movie on your smart phone
A simple stand to keep your phone in view on your desk at work
Many more applications, we can't possibly write all of them down"

Q: Where can I buy it? A: Stay in touch via this kickstarter funding page.


The Oona: Whatever You Need It to Be from Brad Leong on Vimeo.

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