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iPhone TIPS: Save 80% of your 3G Data Usage [FREE APP]

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 11:10 AM PDT

- - Q: What is it? A: Onavo [link Onavo - Onavo Mobile Ltd. FREE] is an iPhone app that saves money by compressing the iPhone's data usage. Q: How does it work?

A: Once installed, users can go back to using the iPhone / iPad as normal. In the background, data usage from all apps is compressed, allowing users to double or even triple their existing data plan. The cool thing is that the app allows users to see which apps are costing them money, by showing a breakdown of each app and its data usage. This will make your very aware which app is toptalkers on your device. Whether at home with a capped plan or abroad paying data roaming charges, Onavo's app lets users get more out of their data plans. Q: Is it safe to use it? A: Well what I have understood is that the mobile data will be compressed before sent through a intermediate server of the Tel Aviv, Israel based company. From there, the data will be decompressed and forwarded to the destination. The return data is the same thing. It insures that the mobile data is as small as possible, so you can save heavily on your expensive data usage. Most mobile providers are charging huge amount of money per megabyte, especially if you are abroad. Roaming costs per megabyte is known to be horrifying high, so there is a lot of money to save. So it is up to you if you trust this company to process your data. The video below illustrates the concept as simple as possible. more info at

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