Thursday, April 28, 2011



iPhone TIPS: Why is White a better Color?

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 03:38 PM PDT

I have bought an white Macbook in 2008 because you can't see the dust on the keyboard, which is just fine. Little dust is not bad for your health. However you do see the dirt on the white keyboard, which is not the case with a black macbook for example. I clean the white macbook more often I think. Besides I do own 2  White iMac's which are occupied by my kids. I like white apple products. I am still waiting for a white Apple TV 3. My current Apple TV 2 is black because it is only in black. And you see the dust on the black Apple TV. Something that hasn't happened with the Apple TV 1, which has a aluminum white finish. So please, let the Apple TV 3 be available in white. And tomorrow, there will be a white iPhone 4 too, finally. I won't buy it, because I already own the black version of it. But for September's iPhone 5, I definitely go for a white version. Wait and we will see. 
Meanwhile check the source pictures by our fellow bloggers at BGR.COM. They were that lucky to had one today prior the official release date of tomorrow.

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