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iPad TIPS: iPad 1 Owners Waiting For IPad 3 [iPad 2 unboxing video]

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 02:00 AM PST

The iPad 2 is flooding the USA. People who did not own an iPad 1 yet will possibly go for the iPad 2. Those iPad 2 people will laughing at iPad 1 owners and saying the iPad 1 is antique! But that is not true ofcourse! You can still use the  amazing GaragebandGarageBand - Apple®(iPad only) and iMovie iMovie - Apple®  (universal app). UPDATE: Just saw that iMovie app is iPad 2 only and iphone 4, iPod Touch 4th gen. not the iPad 1. However, you can't shoot video's without cameras onboard. So the people who has already got an iPad 1 will possibly stick on it hoping for a iPad 3 release in the fall of this year to get revenge. Oh man it is a rat race with a similarity like having the most "friends" on facebook. The iPad 3 should have a retina screen with maybe a different "smaller" formfactor and more. See iPad 3 post Here. Meanwhile check the unboxing video by Yep I haven't got one myself yet :(
The iPad 2 is soooo thin. Thinner than the iPhone 4. what is next? An iPad 3 as thin as the latest model of the iPod touch?

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