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Apple TV TIPS: How to Stream AirVideo Server to the New Apple TV [FREE]

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 12:31 PM PST

Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010)Okay, you bought an Apple TV and you noticed that you only can stream photo's and youtube video's to your Apple TV from an iOS device. A bummer! Yes you could  stream your videos created on your iPhone camera to the Apple TV but only after you synced them to iTunes and back to your iPhone. pretty stupid huh?
However there hope. The people behind Airplay and AirFlick and AirVideo has just release a working solution to stream all your (mostly illegal) collection of movies from your existing AirVideo Server to the Apple TV yes! yes! yes!. This is currently a totally free solution too. yes! yes! yes! 
Q: How to make this work? A: You need 1 Apple TV (2nd gen), 1 Mac OSX computer with the latest AirVideo Server [download] and AirFlick [download]  installed.
  NOTE: For the iPhone AirVideo client app, click this button Air Video - Watch your videos anywhere! - InMethod s.r.o.

Then follow these simple steps:
AirFlick (version 0.51) with AirVideo Access button to stream from the AirVideo with AirPlay to Apple TV
  1. Start the AirVideo Server on your Mac. Make sure at least one sample video is available
  2. wake your Apple TV. Press the Menu button and you see the white led lit. Thats is enough.
  3. Start AirFlick on your Mac. I used v0.51 today. 
  4. Make sure you AirFlick recognizes your Apple TV. Now select your Apple TV. See upper-left dropdown box. 
  5. Click the "AirVideo Access" button on the upper right to see the AirVideo Server pane. see picture. Enter your pin and make sure your Movie directory is visible.
  6. Click to select a Movie and press the play button.
  7. Watch the movie in whatever format on your Apple TV. 
NOTE: I used my iPhone, simulated as an Apple TV /w the AirView app. See my Air View post HERE. And that works too!

All credits goes to Erica Sadun (Support her! ) and the people behind AirVideo

iPhone TIPS: Airplay from iPad to iPhone w/ AirView app [FREE]

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 11:45 AM PST

Q: Can I stream media from my iPhone to my iPad with AirPlay? A: Yes, with the AirView AirView - Clément Vasseur  [FREE] installed, you iPhone will act like the new Apple TV. Q: How does it work. You need two iOS devices in the same WiFI network. Install AirView AirView - Clément Vasseur on ie. your iPhone 4 and start the app. Your iPhone now acts as if it is the new Apple TV waiting for a media stream. Now lets have fun and start a YouTube stream on your iPad. Tap on the Airplay button and choose your iPhone to stream to it! You also can stream photo's and movies. To have extra fun, you could also stream from your Mac with the AirFlick app. Read about Airflick and AirPlay  apps for Mac OSX HERE. Have fun. Also check the video created by lifehacker
Note: You want the following: Use your AirVideo server to stream movies to your Apple TV You can! wait for my next post. Check out this POST how to do it with AirFlick
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