Monday, September 20, 2010 “Latest Hilarious Picks [MakeUseOf Geeky Fun]” plus 7 more “Latest Hilarious Picks [MakeUseOf Geeky Fun]” plus 7 more

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Latest Hilarious Picks [MakeUseOf Geeky Fun]

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 08:46 PM PDT

Check out the top picks from MakeUseOf Geeky Fun during the last week.

  1. Firefox appears to have crashed. Too many cookies! (Pic)
  2. Not falling for that one (Pic)
  3. TERROR: 70 Years Ago vs. Now (Pic)
  4. Anatomy of Type (Pic)
  5. The Mind of a Web Developer (Pic)
  6. The Difference Between iPhone and Android (Pic)

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Cool Websites and Tools [September 19th]

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 08:31 PM PDT

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For more cool websites and web app reviews subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory.

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Go-Gas – The cost of fuel is the main concern when planning a road trip. Having the right amount of money for fuel is essential. Although you can manually make reasonable estimates of how much fuel you will require, Go-Gas provides a much better alternative. Read more: Go-Gas: Road Trip Fuel Cost Estimator


FictFact – There are many online catalogs that let you browse through, preview or add books to a virtual list. However they all treat each book individually even when they are part of a series. FictFact lets you track books by series and tells you which book is next in the series you are reading. Read more: FictFact: Track Books by Series & Get Suggestions – If you are a project leader managing a team of many members, then you could use all the help you can get. Assigning tasks to your team members and organizing those tasks can become quite a hectic process. This is precisely where comes in handy. Read more: Free & Easy To Use Group Project Management Software Online



CSS Gradient Editor – Are you trying to edit the gradient in your CSS code? If you are sticking to the traditional techniques, chances are you are spending a lot of time on coding when you could be getting things done a lot faster. To obtain the CSS code for gradient colors, pay a visit to the appropriately named CSS Gradient Editor. Read more: CSS Gradient Editor: Edit CSS Gradients With Ease



Owely – Creating several screenshots can be a bit of a hassle if you are left only with MS Paint or Photoshop. Owely is a much more seamless instant screenshot capture tool that allows you to take a screenshot of the whole desktop or part of the screen, mark some comments on them, and then share them with your friends within seconds. Read more: Owely: Instant Screenshot Capture & Sharing.


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Thank You To MakeUseOf Friends!

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 07:31 PM PDT

It's time to say thanks to MakeUseOf’s friends who, once in a while, tip us great story ideas, help out on different projects and in some cases offer their services at discounted prices. Thank you, guys!

ShrinkTheWeb – Website Screenshot Thumbnail Service
Ever wanted to add website screenshots to your website? In my professional opinion ShrinkTheWeb is one of the best services for that, both in terms of performance and pricing. The free account gets you a whopping 250,000 impressions with nearly no delay. See it in action in our daily Cool Websites and Tools series.


Walyou – Cool Gadgets for Geeks
new cool gadgets
Walyou is a fun blog covering all sorts of new cool gadgets and other stuff every geek is likely to find entertaining. Everything from world’s largest Gunny Bears to E-hookah gadgets. Make sure to check them out.

PXLEyes – Photoshop Contests and Tutorials
photoshop contests & tutorials
The place for graphical artists! An awesome community with one common interest: a big passion for computer graphics! There are contests, prizes, tutorials, forums and an active community!


rade | eccles – iPhone Application Development
The perfect iPhone development team, rade | eccles managed to put our iPhone app together in record time yet exude professionalism and dedication every step of the way. Our collaboration wasn’t happenstance. We would make the same decision all over again. Our only recommendation for an iPhone developer – rade | eccles.


TrueKolor – Affordable Quality Logo and Banner Design
If you’re looking for a cheap, original and quality logo or banner, check out TrueKolor. We often contact these guys when we need a logo or a banner made, some of the stuff they did for us listed on their portfolio page. Highly recommended.


Mobify – Making the Web a mobile place
More and more users access websites and read blogs using their mobile phone. Mobify lets you mobilize your blog or website by creating lightweight version of it, which loads much faster and looks great on a mobile screen. MakeUseOf’s mobile site was created by Mobify, and we’re proud of it!


Thank you, guys!

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When did you last see SPAM in your inbox? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 06:30 PM PDT

Last week, we asked you to list your top 3 online music streaming services. It really boiled down to three main services: Grooveshark, Pandora and Given that Pandora is no longer accessible outside the US, it is quite impressive that it has secured such a large portion of the votes.

Out of 724 total votes, Grooveshark took the largest percentage on 24%. Pandora followed closely on 22%, while managed to reach 17%. YouTube Music took 14% of votes, while a modest 6% went to Spotify. Shouotcast, Rhapsody and Slacker each took between 2-4% of votes, while all other services listed took less than 2% votes.

Full results and this week's poll after the jump.

So, if you love your online music, it looks like Grooveshark, Pandora and are the way to go.

This week's poll question is: When did you last see SPAM in your inbox?

Yes, we’re asking about email inboxes, despite how much real-life SPAM you get in your letter box.

We realise many people use Gmail these days and that cuts SPAM incredibly, but sometimes they still get through. We’d also like to hear from those of you cutting your SPAM out in other ways. What do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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How and Why to Sync Mac OS X iCal with Google Calendar

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 03:30 PM PDT

One way to avoid procrastination and general tardiness is the regular use of a calendar. Mac OS X comes shipped with iCal, a great free calendar application. The slick looks and features make it almost everything a punctuality-freak wants.

By synchronizing iCal with Google Calendar, you can bring your calendar to the cloud, use it across computers, and even sync it with your Android OS smartphone.

Synchronizing iCal and Google Calendar

Synchronizing these two is surprisingly easy. If you weren’t already using it, first make sure you’ve got a Google Calendar account – or simply a Google or Gmail account. Log in to Google Calendar to verify.

The sync setup is simple and will only take a few seconds. Fire up iCal and go to iCal -> Preferences (Command + comma) -> Accounts and add a new account. Enter your Google credentials, and you’re done.

You’ve now got two calendar groups in the iCal sidebar. Calendars, the default group, only boasts locally-hosted calendars. For the purpose of Google Calendar synchronization, we can consider these to be semi-static, as they will not be synchronized or even visible in Google Calendar.

You’ll also notice the appearance of a new group. This group, named after your Google account, will host your Google calendars, and display them between your iCal calendars.

Synchronizing with Multiple Gmail Calendars

Because the iCal calendars are not synced with Google Calendar, they aren’t visible online or on your Android phone. For that purpose, it might be better to delete the default calendars and switch to synced Google calendars altogether.

You can sync multiple calendars with a single Google Calendar account, but not from within iCal. Instead, log in to Google Calendar, and go to Settings -> Calendar Settings -> Calendars and select Create new calendar, as shown in the screenshot below. You can create as many as you like, to replace the default calendars.

Alternatively, you can sync the calendars from multiple Google and Google apps accounts in iCal, but unless you’ve got reason to maintain calendars from multiple Google accounts, there’s no good reason to do so.

Synchronizing with Multiple iCal Computers

You can sync a single Google Calendar account with multiple iCal computers. Doing so not only allows you to synchronize your Google calendars from multiple computers, but will keep those computers mutually updated. Changes from one computer will be transferred to your Google calendar, and from there on to all the other computers.

EXTRA: Google Notifier

iCal isn’t the only way to bring Google Calendar to your desktop. The official Google Notifier application, also available for Windows, integrates both Gmail and Calendar in the Mac OS X notification area. You can of course, disable one of these two.

Although iCal is the perfect desktop calendar authoring application, Google Notifier is perfect if all you need is to keep a close eye on your calendar. Depending on your iCal settings, you can use iCal for calendar management, and Google Notifier for your notifications.

Do you know any other Google Calendar and iCal synchronization tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Multi-Platform Mobile Messenger App PingChat! for iPhone, Blackberry and Android

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 03:30 PM PDT

There was a time when Blackberry users rubbed their Blackberry Messenger service in all of our faces, and rightfully so. Having a free means of contacting their friends, with nothing more than a pin number to send messages and avoid SMS charges from their carrier was something only they could enjoy. iPhone app developers caught up with the game with applications like WhatsApp and took it even one step further providing a Blackberry and Android version, but it wasn't long before they became paid apps.

PingChat! now offers a completely free cross-platform mobile chat program that supports iPhone, Blackberry and Android handsets. The app is downloadable directly from their website, which means that Blackberry users who don't have access to the Blackberry App World can still download and use PingChat!

Once you've downloaded PingChat! to your phone you will be required to register the app. All that means is you will be asked to enter a unique username, which is linked to your phone number.

In order to chat with your friends using PingChat!, you have to have their username. They do make it easy to get the word out there, giving you a quick and easy way to broadcast your username on Facebook, Twitter or via email. As you start to add contacts and receive messages, you can easily link your PingChat! contacts to your address book.

Once you're all set up, you can start sending and receiving messages. But you're not just limited to text. You can send picture messages, by taking a photo while the app is open or by choosing a photo saved on your phone. You can record a voice note up to 30 seconds long. Using PingChat!, you can also send videos saved or recorded on your phone to your friends. iPhone 3G users can send videos that have been recorded with other third party apps that have been saved to the camera roll. Blackberry, Android and iPhone 3GS/4 users can send videos recorded with their native video camera apps. You can also send the contact details of anyone in your address book.

And it doesn't end there. You can send your exact location using Google Maps, a feature that would be of huge help if you're lost or your car has broken down and need someone to pick you up. Your location will be uploaded to PingChat! as a map.

And of course, PingChat! uses push notifications to let you know when you have a new message. You can choose to toggle the sound and vibration for notifications on and off from directly within the app's settings on the iPhone. And if you change your number or phone, you can unregister the account, and re-register with so that you don't have to change your username.

The Blackberry settings are limited to unregistering your account and choosing which sound profile to use with the app. iPhone users will be happy to know that their version supports landscape mode. The app works over 3G, EDGE and WiFi so you can keep in touch with your friends no matter where you are.

Have you used PingChat? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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Hot Tech Deals [Sep 19th]

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 01:15 PM PDT

If you’re in the market for a new computer, laptop, mobile phone, games and other accessories; don’t waste your time searching online. We’ve taken the liberty of locating the best tech deals and unifying them into a single post for your convenience.

For more fresh hot deals, visit our Hot Tech Deals page, which is constantly updated.

Keep reading to find out today’s Hot Tech Deals.

  1. Casio EXILIM EX-Z35 Purple 12MP 3X Ultracompact Digital Camera $79.99 Free Shipping

  2. Dell Ultrasharp U2311H 23 inch IPS Widescreen LCD Monitor $239.25; 22in $209.25 via code L0C?QB9$865114

  3. ViewSonic PJD6211 1024 x 768 3D ready Portable DLP Projector $459.99 Free Shipping via code VS9154


  1. Dell Home: Free Shipping on Computers $599+ Coupon Code: ZQQZSGW6HFDG3K
  2. Dell Coupon: 25% off All Laptops & Desktops on this landing page Coupon Code: ?$QNC1?HSKNR9F
  3. Dell Coupon: 20% off all Dell Desktops & Laptops in this link with Coupon Code: 5TK?LC9VJ5F$33
  4. Dell coupon: Free Shipping on Dell Studio/Studop XPS Laptops $699+ Coupon Code: ?8CN$RJ?W5TQ0C

Image credit: Modified from Svengraph’s icon set

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10 Free MP3 Albums To Download [Sound Sunday]

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 12:31 PM PDT

where can I download free mp3sDo you realize how important music is? Try to imagine anything without music: radio, TV, movies, your walk to school, the office, clubs, the supermarket, your bathroom. While you may sometimes wish the music was different, I’m sure you would rather exchange it for music you like than to abandon music all together.

I hope Sound Sunday has or will become an integral part of your life. Find music that’s on your wavelength and discover great artists you have never heard of before.  If this is your first time to Sound Sunday – welcome and also check out past editions.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network

Genre: electronic, instrumental, experimental

where can I download free mp3sNine In Nails lead singer Trent Reznor has just released a free sampler of the upcoming movie soundtrack ‘The Social Network’. The album contains five songs. The full soundtrack will be released on September 28th and he movie opens in theaters on October 1st.

Download The Social Network soundtrack sampler for free from Trent Reznor’s record label website

Trent Reznor Twitter and Nine Inch Nails Homepage.

aof – Dea Ex Machina

Genre: progressive, jazz, reggae

where can I download free mp3sLondon based band aof is a group of 10+ musicians. Their latest album was mastered by the legendary Pink Floyd sound engineer Andy Jackson. If the name of the album sounds familiar, maybe that’s because you have heard of dea or deus ex machina before.

You can download the album from aof’s futuristic Homepage.

aof MySpace and Homepage.

Basil Amer – Sigh Of Relief

Genre: pop, rhythm and soul, techno

where can I download free mp3sThis is possibly the youngest artists we have featured on Sound Sunday so far. Producer, songwriter, and singer Basil Amer is only 15 years old. If this album is any indication, I’m sure this is not the last we have heard of this artist from Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Get the album from Basil Amer’s Homepage.

Basil Amer MySpace and Homepage.

Trainspotters – Dirty North

Genre: hip hop, rap, funk

where can I download free mp3sThere are many bands that have adopted the name Trainspotters. This one is a young duo from Sweden. Rewind and George Kaplan have already had a dozen releases worldwide and played live shows in the US and Europe. Finally, they have released their debut album Dirty North.

Pull the album from i still love her.

Trainspotters MySpace and Homepage.

The MashMaticians – The MashoChist

Genre: electronic, mash up, experimental,

where can I download free mp3s“A MashoChist is someone who enjoys mash ups, or who derives pleasure from listening to them.” If the latter applies to you, you should lend an ear to the debut album of The MashMaticians.

This album is available from Bandcamp.

The MashMaticians MySpace and Facebook.

Big Gigantic – A Place Behind The Moon

Genre: electronica, instrumental

where can I download free mp3sBig Gigantic is a band from Colorado, consisting of Dominic Lalli (production, saxophone) and Jeremy Salken (drums).  You can see the two performing live in the US throughout September and October.

Download the album from Bib Gigantic’s Homepage. You will also find previous free releases on the same page.

Big Gigantic MySpace and Homepage.

misuccc – Impressions

Genre: electronica, funk, jazz, hip hop, trip hop, instrumental

where can I download free mp3sThis “some guy in some city making some music” is Gert-Jan from Ghent in Belgium. Other than that the man remains as mysterious as his fascinating music.

Impressions is a free download from Bandcamp.

misuccc MySpace and Soundcloud.

Rad Omen – Search Party & Destroy

Genre: progressive, club, funk

where can I download free mp3s“Born out of the mouths of wolves and serpents. (…) Bearing no marking, no number, no names. Only one sign, the Rad Omen. For we are many, for we are many.”

Download Search Party & Destroy from the band’s Homepage.

Rad Omen MySpace and Homepage.

Hipster, please! – Visitations: A Musical Tribute to Doctor Who

Genre: nerd music, electro, mixed

where can I download free mp3sHipster, please! is not a band, it’s a blog run by a guy called Z., who must enjoy punctuation tremendously. The blog is concerned with nerd music and has produced several compilations over the years. Visitations: A Musical Tribute to Doctor Who is the latest one.

Download this and other nerd music albums from the artist’s Homepage.

Hipster, please! MySpace and Homepage.

Matt Scott – One Foot Forward

Genre: indie, pop, folk, soul, blues, acoustic

where can I download free mp3sMatt Scott grew up in Birmingham, UK. Meanwhile he lives in Boston, Massachusetts and recently released his debut EP One Foot Forward. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Red Couch Productions.

The album is hosted by NoiseTrade.

Matt Scott MySpace and Facebook.

Know of a  great free album? Share the link in the comments or get in touch with me (tina at makeuseof dot com). All feedback welcome!

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