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Cool Websites and Tools [September 7th]

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 08:31 PM PDT

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For more cool websites and web app reviews subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory.

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SpiceWorks – There are several tools that let you manage and monitor your network but all the good tools cost an arm and a leg and all the free tools don’t just cut it when it comes to efficiency. However, Spiceworks gives you the best of both worlds by letting you manage your network or computer with tons of in-depth features for free. Read more: SpiceWorks: Monitor Your Computer & Network From Your Desktop.


Accpal – If you are looking for alternatives to popular personal finance apps, then you should check out Accpal. This Silverlight-based money management tool allows you to track your accounts with extra features such as multi-level tagging, comprehensive reports, and one-click transactions. Read more: Accpal: Track Your Spendings Online



PrankDial – as the name suggests, lets you make funny prank calls to friends right from their website. Online prank calling sites are quite popular on the net and so is PrankDial. There are all kinds of pre-recorded prank calls available, namely robot dialer, the evil operator, Darth Vader and many more. Read more: PrankDial: Online Prank Calling Tool



BabyNotify – was created by a couple when they were expecting their first child and were looking for solutions to quickly notify their friends and family, spread across different destinations, of their baby's arrival. The site lets you create a notify list and then send everyone in that list, gender-customized emails when your child is born. Read more: BabyNotify: Baby Arrival Announcement Made Easy



Variable Grid System – Grids are a very helpful tool in web designing. If you are looking for an easy way to create useful CSS grids, then pay a visit to Variable Grid System. It is a free to use fluid grid generator that lets you quickly generate an underlying CSS grid for your site. Read more: Variable Grid System: Regular & 960 Fluid Grid Generator


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These are just half of the websites that we discovered in the last couple of days. If you want us to send you daily round-ups of all cool websites we come across, leave your email here. Or follow us via RSS feed.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2010 06:30 PM PDT

Sales are brisk at the MakeUseOf T-Shirt store and so we have decided to expand on our selection a little bit by offering a new design.   This is one for all of our Linux and Mac fans out there!

The “Tux Pad” shirt shows the Linux penguin holding an Apple iPad.  The shirt is a very nice dark grey colour with the MakeUseOf logo on the arm.

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Convert Any File To PDF Format Using Nitro Reader [Windows]

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 04:31 PM PDT

convert to pdf formatPDF files have been the ubiquitous file format for sharing documents, thanks to their ability to lock down the layout & formatting of the document and the tiny file size.  Adobe Acrobat has a hefty price tag that runs into many hundreds of dollars, so as awesome as PDF files are, creating them used to be quite costly.

Today we have a number of free and open source solutions to create PDF files. Better yet, these tools allow us to create the document in our familiar software environment, say Microsoft Word, and convert them to PDF format.

One such great app is Nitro Reader, which is free to use and is loaded with a lot of great features.


Nitro Reader supports both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. On the download page, there is a field to enter your email address to get email updates about Nitro Reader. Submitting the email address is a not a mandatory requirement and you can download the file straight away.

Once the download is complete, the installation is very quick and does not include any other bundled toolbars or trialware. After installation, Nitro Reader set itself as the default PDF reader of choice without giving a choice, which I found a bit annoying. You can revert this back by going into the Preferences section.

Reading PDF Files

convert to pdf format

Nitro Reader has a clean, familiar ribbon interface just like Microsoft Office and a light footprint running smoothly without hogging system resources. It comes with the standard features we have come to expect from a standard PDF reader. Tasks and tools are separated appropriately for easy access.

create pdf files

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is extremely customizable and you can pick & choose the shortcuts you use often to create an easily accessible group. Nitro Reader's panes are context specific ie. they are displayed or hidden depending on the content on display.

An option to notify special features in the PDF file like security restrictions, digital certificates, or form fields is also available in Nitro Reader.

create pdf files

Accessing multiple PDF files is such a delight with a browser-like tabbed interface. While reading multiple documents, it is possible with Nitro Reader to set different page view settings for each of the documents that are open.

Creating PDF files

create pdf files

Nitro Reader can create PDF files from a whopping three hundred different file formats. PDF creation process is extremely simple. Select a file from the disk, choose the file optimization level (to reduce the file size), assign a location to save the created file and you are all done.

Nitro Reader creates the PDF file keeping the layout and style of the original document completely intact.

Content Extraction

convert to pdf format

Often we find the content formatting in the file to be too distracting to read or to save the images embedded in the file. Nitro Reader does a very fine job in extracting both text and images from the PDF file. The text extracted even the index without much damage to the original formatting & alignment.

Final Thoughts

For a free app, Nitro Reader is loaded with an unbelievable set of features. Nitro Reader also can save the data entered in a PDF form even after closing it until you reset it. To add a digital signature, all you have to do is upload an image and just start signing documents away. Transparency is automatically added to the images to give a watermark-like look and you can add multiple signatures featuring multiple users as well.

If you are interested in other Acrobat Reader alternatives check out our coverage here. While you’re at it, you might also want to learn to use AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter and to turn all your PDF files into flash movies!

What are your thoughts on Nitro Reader? I consider this app to be the best and would love to hear from you if there are better alternatives to convert files to PDF format.



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How To Tweak Your Facebook Places Security Settings

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 02:31 PM PDT

facebook security settingsHave you heard of Facebook Places yet? (Facebook’s announcement)  Places is basically the new ability to use Facebook to share with your friends where you are.  It’s kind of like FourSquare but it’s integrated into Facebook.

It’s cool because you can tell your friends where you happen to be in case they want to join you.  You can also see where your friends are.  It’s Facebook’s way of integrating your online life with your “real” life.

It’s true that a lot of the real fun comes with using it on a mobile device, but you can also get some use from it on your PC.

facebook security settings

There have been some rumors going around about it though.  People saw it appear and began to think that their locations were automatically being broadcasted to the whole world.  Think about the security implications a move like that would have made!  Let me be the one to tell you that it is certainly not the case.

Another problem I have begun to see several users run into is not understanding the privacy features of Places.  We’ve been trying to figure those things out for a long time and it seems every time we finally do work it out, they change everything again.  Go figure.  Check out some MakeUseOf articles that will help – links are at the end of this article.

Facebook did however, come out and share with us the ins and outs of Places’ privacy settings.  Let me quickly share some tips and links that should put you on the right road.

Decide What You Want To Share & How It Is Shared

There are various aspects of Places you have privacy control over.


A check-in is when you tell friends in a post where you are.  For instance, if you’re hanging at a coffee shop, you can check in there to tell friends you’re there.  You can control who sees your checkins in the privacy settings area.

facebook security settings

You’ll see the check-in setting on the overview.

Notice that you can also customize the setting by clicking on Customize settings.  Scroll down until you see Places I check into.  Realize that you can go beyond limiting your privacy to just sharing your location to friends and limit it to either a contact group or even just an individual.

facebook security


We should be familiar with tagging by now.  We know we can tag people in photos and even tag people via the @ symbol within updates.  You may have also experienced being tagged in a note where someone either mentioned you or wants you to read it.

With Places, people can tag you if they know you are in the same location as they are.  This can be cool.  People can use it to get together and connect with friends and colleagues.  Some people may be a bit squeamish about it though.  If I wanted to check in this place, I would have myself!

OK, so you don’t want to be tagged in a place.  There are several things you can do.  You can remove the tag just the same way you would any other tag, or you can disable the ability for your friends to tag you altogether (a bit draconian, don’t you think?).  Just hit up the same Customize settings and go to the Things others share section.

facebook security

Here Now

When and if you do decide to check in some place, you’ll notice an area showing who else of your friends are there.

facebook security

You actually have control over whether or not you show up in this section when someone checks in.  Go to things I share –> Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in and you can chose to enable or disable the option.

There are even more options when it comes to your Places privacy settings.  Check out this video Facebook put together to learn more:

Get More Help & Give Feedback/Suggestions

Since there has been some confusion about Places, what it is, what it does, and the privacy settings, Facebook went ahead and put together a whole help section that should help some.  Go to Help Center –> Places and you’ll find all kinds of helpful information, Facebook style.

If you want to give some constructive suggestions, Facebook has posted a form just for you.

Here’s some MakeUseOf articles that will help out with your Facebook security settings :

10 Solid Tips To Safeguard Your Facebook Privacy – Mahendra
Take Control Of Your Facebook Privacy With Privacy Defender – Evan
6 Simple Tips To Protect Your Privacy On Facebook – Brett
8 Steps To Regain Control Of Your Facebook Privacy – Mahendra
8 MORE Steps To Regain Control Of Your Facebook Privacy – Mahendra

I hope some of these tips will aid you in your future Facebook Places endeavors.  Tell me, have you begun using Places?  Did you find the original proposition a little creepy like a lot of other people did?



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Hot Tech Deals [Sep 7th]

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 01:15 PM PDT

If you’re in the market for a new computer, laptop, mobile phone, games and other accessories; don’t waste your time searching online. We’ve taken the liberty of locating the best tech deals and unifying them into a single post for your convenience.

For more fresh hot deals, visit our Hot Tech Deals page, which is constantly updated.

Keep reading to find out today’s Hot Tech Deals.

  1. TRENDnet TEW-432BRP 802.11b/g Wireless G Firewall Router $14.99 Free Shippng
  2. Western Digital WDTV Live PLUS Network HD Media Player (Netflix Steaming) + 4GB USB Flash Drive $119.99 Free Shipping
  3. Dell SX2210T 22 inch LCD Monitor w/ Multi-Touch & Webcam $289.99 Free Shipping
  4. TODAY ONLY Sony CyberShot DSC-W370 14MP 7X Digital Camera (Image Stabilized) $159.99 Free Shipping
  5. HP Mini 110 Intel Atom N455 Pinetrail 10.1in Netbook (1GB/160GB/WinXP/6-Cell) $279.99
  6. Klipsch Synergy B-2 Bookshelf Speakers (PAIR) $124.99 Free Shipping via code EMCYXYV48
  7. Dell Studio XPS 9000 Intel Core i7-920 Quad-Core Desktop (6GB/640GB/Blu-Ray/802.11n) w/ 20in LCD $1049 via code ZQQZSGW6HFDG3K
  8. Also;

    1. 25% off All Dell Laptops & Desktops on this landing pagevia code ?$QNC1?HSKNR9F
    2. 20% off all Dell Desktops & Laptops in this link via code 5TK?LC9VJ5F$33
    3. STACKABLE $50 off HP Orders $1000+ via code TECHBAR50

    Image credit: Modified from Svengraph’s icon set

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Document Your Life & Improve Your Photography Skills With Shuttercal

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 12:31 PM PDT

improve photography skillsTaking daily photos is a great way to create a visual history of your life. As time goes by, you can look back at some of the places you have been and experiences you have had. On top of all that, you will get more use out of your camera and improve your photography skills.

The concept of sharing daily photos is nothing new. Nancy wrote an article a few months back featuring 4 great photo websites, and we’ve covered sites like DailyBooth in our directory. However, if you are into taking daily photos and think the idea of calendar-based photography is pretty cool, you are going to love Shuttercal.

In this article, I am going to walk you through the features of Shuttercal, highlighting everything that makes this website useful.

Introducing Shuttercal

I should point out that in Nancy’s article I alluded to earlier, Shuttercal had several favorable mentions in the comments. This tells me that a lot of people are already using the service and it is doing quite well. In fact, Shuttercal’s website states that they are “the world’s leading dedicated daily-photo website.” Whether this is true or not is still unseen, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Shuttercal’s website also covers the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ associated with using the service, which I will attempt to expand upon here.

What Is Shuttercal?

In its simplest form, Shuttercal is a calendar.

improve photography skills

Upon first signing up for the service, you are taken to your MyCal page, which is your personal calendar where you can begin taking on your photography project.

To get started, you just click on a day and you are taken to the Add Photo screen. There you can upload your photo for that day and write a small caption for it. You can do this for any day you want, so you don’t have to worry about starting in the middle of a month or anything like that.

Explore The Community

If you get bored or don’t know exactly how to proceed with your calendar project, you can take a look at what others in the community are doing with their calendars.

Click on the Explore tab to see thousands of new photos added by the community. New Photos is the default view, but you can also see New Comments, New Users, Top Faves, photos by date added, and a random calendar with Random Cal.

improve photography skills

Click on any photo you want to see an enlarged version of it. Once you do that you can add it to your favorites, share the URL or embed the image, leave a comment, or share the photo on Facebook, Digg, or StumbleUpon.

Discuss Projects With Others

improve photography skills

One feature of Shuttercal that peaked my interest was the forum. This is where you can discuss projects and learn new things with the rest of the community. Discussions cover everything from general topics to Photo Talk, Projects & Meet-ups, Cameras & Equipment, Life, and Shuttercal-related topics like new features and tips & tricks.


If you’re interested up to this point you might want to check out some of Shuttercal’s premium features like the ability to print your project and produce shoe boxes, postcards, and such. There is also a premium iPhone app as well.

Will you be using Shuttercal to document your life with daily photos and improve your photography skills? Is there another service you’ve been using to accomplish this?

Leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments below, and if you found this article useful, share it with your friends/followers!

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3 Great Websites To Learn About Art And Its History

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 11:30 AM PDT

art historyVisual arts affect almost all of our experiences on a daily basis. It influences the photographs we see in magazines, the ads on billboards, the colors of the latest trend in fashion, the designs of the buildings that surround us and even labels in the products we buy. Art can empower revolutions, like the famous image of Che Guevara. It can symbolize an era, like Andy Warhol's painting of Marilyn Monroe or the Mona Lisa.

It can even serve as an urban means of expression, like graffiti art. So why not learn more about the styles and history of what inspires so much of a world today? And with some of the sites below, you don't even need to go to art school to learn about art.

Explore and Learn – MET

Explore and Learn was developed as the educational part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has an ever changing and large source of materials. A lot of what is available draws its inspiration, logically, from the particular exhibitions they are featuring that season. The advantage of that ever-changing collection is that new materials get added often and full educational materials are created to support teachers and professors who visit the museum.

A lot of what is available is made of interactive Flash presentation of particular artists, themes, cultures, and even artists and includes materials especially for kids.

art history

Another amazingly helpful section of the site is the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History which is almost a whole site in itself. It features a world map which allows you to search by areas, specific categories divided by time periods, and an extensive search engine of thematic essays as well as a search engine for artist, work title, materials and techniques among others, which brings up an awe-inspiring list of results.

art history

Art History Resources On The Web

history of art

Maintained by Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, an art history professor since 1995 and still updated today, this site is mostly a collection of links to various art topics, but what differentiates it from the other link resource sites, is the level of organization and absolutely astounding number of links relating to art history. Listing everything from pre-historic art, traveling through the whole world and into modern times, the site lists everything in the most detailed sub-categories, making delving into a topic and gaining a lot of information on it before moving on to the next topic a very simple process.

There are very few aspects of art history that cannot be found with a few clicks. The look of the website is not appealing to the eyes, but I guess it takes a professor to figure out how to create a site that is conducive to learning, even if he is not a graphic designer.

MOMA – Online Activities

history of art

If modern art is what you would like to learn about, the Museum of Modern Art has a very interesting educational website which features audio, video, online projects, interviews and materials for parents and educators. Because it is modern art, a lot of the resources foster experimentation and the Red Studio section of the site includes projects on how to write your own Dadaist poem, how to make a Photogram and even a sketch character contest. The site also links to specific sites of artists currently in exhibition and includes a lot of the original videos currently used at the museum.

It is an affordable way to see some of MOMA without having to come to New York, or for New Yorkers like me, it's a good way to prepare to visit an exhibition, by learning more about it before you even make it there.

What each and everyone of us considers art is immeasurable, but one can always take advantage of the free resources we have today to learn more about the masters who influenced so much of our world, so explore and tell us about it.

What other art sites do you use to learn about art? How do you find new exciting art works? Do you know any other educational art resources you'd like to share with us?

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Manage Your Fonts With The Fonts Panel & Font Book [Mac]

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 10:31 AM PDT

manage fonts macIf there’s an award for the most important yet neglected element of every operating system, I think fonts would at least make it to the top three of the nominations. We run into and use them all the time, but most of us never really pay attention to them. We just accept the fonts as they are, as we do with air.

But if we are willing to spare a little bit more time digging, we can find many amazing things that we might not have known before. If you are a Mac user, you might have noticed that Apple pays special attention to the use of fonts.

And you don’t have to be a typographer to make use of fonts. Here are several things you can do to manage fonts on your Mac to tap their potential.

Summoning The Fonts

The most obvious way to use the fonts is to use them in text. The quickest way to summon the list of fonts is to use “Command + T” or “Format – Font – Show Fonts” menu from any Cocoa-based text editor in your Mac – such as TextEdit and Bean.

manage fonts mac

The Font panel will open and you can use it to customize the font(s) that you are using in the text, starting from the simple settings like changing the font type and size to the more advanced options like changing the color and applying drop shadow.

manage fonts

If you click the settings button at the bottom of the window, you’ll get more options such as adding the used font setting to favorites, hide/show Preview and Effects toolbars, and Color Panel.

Choosing “Typography” will open the Typography panel where you can further customize the font that you are using. But please note that different fonts have different customization levels. One font might give you more options than aother.

manage fonts

The settings button will also give you access to lots of characters and symbols that you can use in your texts. Just choose “Characters

manage fonts

And, clicking on “Manage Fonts” will open up the “Font Book” window.

Managing The Fonts

Aside from the Fonts Panel, you can also open the Font Book by navigating to “Applications – Font” (or by using one of these application launchers). This free font manager allows you to easily add, remove, disable and other kinds of font management.

manage fonts on a mac

While it’s very obvious that you can add (or install) new fonts by clicking on the “Plus (+)” button under the “Font” column, Font Book also allows you to group fonts based on your own categories. To do that click the “Plus (+)” button under the “Collection” column.

The yellow alert triangles next to the fonts mean you have duplicates in your collection. You can resolve the problem by right clicking on the duplicates and choose “Resolve Duplicates“.

manage fonts on a mac

Right clicking on the font (or group of fonts) will also allow you to disable the fonts that you rarely use. This will free up some system resources – very useful if you have a slow system or if you have too many fonts installed on your system by third-party applications.

manage fonts on a mac

The advantage of disabling the font instead of removing it is that you can easily enable the font anytime you need it again.

Printing Type Samples

Another trick that you can perform using Font Book is the ability to print out type samples. Whenever you need hard copy of font samples for reference – what will they look like off the screen – just select the fonts that you want to print and hit “Command + P” (or go to “File – Print” menu).

02e Print Font Sample.jpg

The only setting that you have to tinker with is the “Report Type” on the printing option page. This setting will determine the face of the print outs.

02f Printing Options.jpg

And here’s the example of a print out page, Repertoire Type.

manage fonts mac

Do you have your own tricks in managing fonts? You can share them using the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our other articles about fonts.

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5 Extensions To Add Calendar & Task Manager To Thunderbird 3

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 08:31 AM PDT

thunderbird 3 calendarThunderbird is Mozilla’s desktop email client. It’s free, it’s open source, and it supports add-ons. However, in its default version it is just another desktop client.

What really breathes life into Thunderbird is its ability to be personalized with themes, extensions, and plugins. Is your Thunderbird ready for a custom makeover?

Per default, Thunderbird does not come with a calendar. Fortunately, a full calendar can easily be integrated. Here are 2 extensions to add a full-fledged calendar and task manager to Thunderbird and 3 to make use of it.

You will find many more articles on how to best use and personalize Thunderbird at the bottom of this article.


With Lightning you can easily upgrade Thunderbird to become your desktop time and task manager. Once installed, you will see two tiny new buttons on the very right of the tab bar: one opens a new tab for your Calendar, the other a tab for your Tasks.

thunderbird 3 calendar

As soon as you click the calendar tab, you enter a new world. On the left hand sidebar you see the current month and a list of your calendars. Click on > File > New > Calendar… in your Thunderbird toolbar to create a new one. You can add multiple calendars and color code them.

On the right is your calendar in either day, week, multiweek, or month (default) view, with all upcoming events listed at the top of it. Through the menu at the top left you can toggle the list of upcoming events to show today’s events, events in the next 7, 14, or 31 days, events in this calendar month, all future events, or currently selected day. You can also search your events.

thunderbird 3 calendar plugin

I will not go into details regarding the Task features, but it’s just as easy to use, so I’m sure you can figure it out.


This extension adds a set of new calendar buttons to Thunderbird. These buttons are insanely useful because you can now automatically attach email contents to events. This will come in handy, for example if you’re invited to a party and the email contains directions on how to get there. Not only will you be reminded of the event, you also don’t have to dig for the email to retrieve any meaningful details.

After installing the extension, right-click an open space in the Thunderbird toolbar and select > Customize from the menu. This opens the > Customize Toolbar window. In that window find the buttons displayed below and drag them to their new home in the toolbar. Click > Done and that’s what you are.

thunderbird 3 calendar plugin

The > Event… button becomes available when you select an email. The content of the email will automatically be loaded into the event > Description when you click the > Event… button. The > Task… button works the same way. The other buttons just give you quick access to adding a new event or task. The Calendar and Task buttons are redundant, but you may find them useful anyways.


If you can’t be bothered to set up an extension and if you are already using Google Calendar, you will be delighted about this simple solution. What it does is add a toolbar button to Thunderbird that opens Google Calendar in a separate tab within Thunderbird.

Add the new button via the > Customize Toolbar window and enjoy!

thunderbird 3 calendar plugin

You can actually run Google Calendar directly out of Thunderbird with Lightning. This will save you the Google log in every time you want to access your calendar. Check out my article How To Integrate Google Calendar Into Thunderbird for setup instructions. It’s easy and works like a charm!


Do you always forget people’s birthdays? Did you know you could add personal details, like birthdays to your addressbook in Thunderbird? If you have been doing that or if you’re looking for an easy reminder solution for upcoming birthdays, you must try ThunderBirthDay.

First, open your address book, go through your contacts, open them with a double-click, and add their birthdays in the > Private tab.

thunderbird 3

Since ThunderBirthDay adds events to a calendar, it requires Lightning. When this is done, install the ThunderBirthDay extension. This extension only works with its own calendar.

  • Click > File > New > Calendar… in the Thunderbird toolbar.
  • Select > On My Computer, click > Next.
  • Select > Birthday from the Thunderbird addressbook.
  • Choose the addressbooks to use from the drop-down menu.
  • Click > Next to > Name and > Color code the new calendar.
  • Click > Next again, and finally click > Finish.


With this extension a Timeline is inserted above the status bar in Thunderbird. It displays events coming up during the next couple of hours or days. When you hover the mouse over it you can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

The vertical red line indicates the current day and time, while all other entries are events from your calendars. Unfortunately, no event details are shown. However, you can open the edit event window by double-clicking its entry in the Timeline.

thunderbird 3 calendar

Countless articles have been written about Thunderbird on MakeUseOf. Here are a few of my favorites:

I will admit frankly that I slightly dominate this list!

If you’re using Thunderbird, what do you think makes it better than Yahoo! or Google Mail? Is customization a key element?

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