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iPhone TIPS: MS Exchange ActiveSync and Passcode Lock

Posted: 23 Aug 2010 02:51 PM PDT

- COPYRIGHT - DON'T COPY, JUST LINK US- written by iPhone-tips-tricks.com - Starting from iOS 4.0, there is support for multiple MS Exchange active sync accounts. These accounts are supported by gmail servers and corporate MS Exchange servers starting from version MS Exchange 2003 (and 'native' Device Password Policy support from SP2) That is a big advantage compared to the max. 1 account limit in iOS 3.x and 2.x. This is excellent to use your iPhone to have push gmail account and a push corporate MS Exchange e-mail. Then the universal email box come into place. The Universal mailbox (first in iOS 4.0) shows all your private and business email in one single chronological list. But the best part is your Contacts and Calendar app. You can lookup the complete Exchange Global Address List (GAL) on your iPhone's Contacts App. Receiving meeting requests automatically in your Calendar app. For example you plan a meeting with coworkers and a Room as resource within your Calendar app, as if you were sitting behind MS Outlook. Add invitees by looking-up the GAL. [iPhone-tips-tricks.com - DON'T COPY, JUST LINK] You can immediately add the phone numbers you found in your local phonebook. One very strong feature of the iPhone's Exchange active sync account is that the iPhone will obey the "Device Password Policies" set in the MS exchange server. [- COPYRIGHT - written by iPhone-tips-tricks.com -] For example the Policy may force your iPhone to have a mandatory passcode lock enabled. The effect of this exchange policy is, the first time you setup an exchange active sync account, it force you to provide a passcode. Then every time you unlock your iPhone, it will ask for the pass code. And you can't remove it! Yes you can, after you remove the exchange active sync account. In addition there is a policy which can save your butt. It is called "Wipe device after failed (attempt)". The example below is set to 8 attempts. So all your data is destroyed after 8 failed attempts to enter the correct passcode. Can you imagine what happens when your 4 year old kid get his hand on your iPhone and tries to guess your passcode :) I think sync your iPhone with iTunes everyday. By the way, I haven't tried the "wipe". Anyone does? Please tell me if it really wipes all data. place comment pls!!  I haven't find out what happens when you have multiple Device Password Policies activated by multiple active sync accounts. I guess the most restricted set will be active? Please comment if you are the guru and know the answers. [- COPYRIGHT - written by iPhone-tips-tricks.com -]
MS Exchange Device Password Policy

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