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iPhone TIPS: Fix Sluggish iPhone 3G /w "hard reset"

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 01:57 PM PDT

After I updated mine to iOS 4.0 I had noticed my iPhone 3G was really sluggish. If I start my settings app, it took more than 15 seconds to start. Or my mail app took tens of seconds to start. Open an email message took seconds instead of instantly. Flicking through my apps sometimes freezes a second before it goes on, very annoying. Or start the Safari app to web browse the internet took ages. A restart by, press and hold the power button, didn't help. Clearing my Safari cache did help a bit but not really measurable. So what is going on? Where is the speed of iOS 3.0 when I bought my iPhone 3G two years ago? But I am so glad to tell you now, I have fixed it! Let me tell you how.

The answer is to do a "hard reset" and do it three times. Yes I know, It sounds silly to do this three times but just do it and do it now. To do a hard reset, you must press BOTH the Power and Home button a few seconds until a slide appears "slide to power off". Now slide to power off. after about 15 seconds the iPhone completely shuts down. Now wait 1 minute and power on the iPhone again by press and hold the power button until an apple logo appears on the screen. Now wait till it is up and running. Enter your 4 digit code to unlock the phone. Do you already notice the speed of unlocking the phone function? Now repeat this two more times: power off ,wait for 1 minute, power on, then power off, wait for 1 minute, power on.
Okay, when you are finished, test if you notice better response of your iPhone. Does it perform more like the brand new iPhone when you first had unboxed it? Okay, to be honest, this fix helped me. Your situation might be different and this fix might not work for you. Please share your results and findings with us.
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