Wednesday, June 30, 2010



iPhone TIPS: iPhone 4 Diamond Edition embellished in gold

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:58 AM PDT

Yes, this is also a tradition. While iPhone 4 owners are waiting for an iOS 4.0.1 update to fix recent frequency issue's, Stuart Hughes now also offers the new Apple iphone 4G embellished in gold. Maybe because of the economic depression, the models are less expensive compared with the multi-million dollar iPhone 3GS. The new iPhone 4 handsets are all Sim-Free 32GB, factory unlocked for worldwide use. The iPhone 4 handset is offered in 20ct white gold or 18ct Rose Gold, the one pictured is 24ct gold. The surround middle section has been skilfully polished to reveal a more luminesc look when gold is applied. Prices will start with the half gold edition as pictured for £1,595 to the full gold edition which will have the full rear section in gold for £2,195. There will be pictures available of this model later this week. Also there is the iphone 4G Diamond Edition available from

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