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iPhone TIPS: Cute Korean Girl with 4 iPhones and Lady GaGa?

Posted: 13 Jun 2010 02:15 AM PDT

- by -What can you do with 4 iPhones? A charming South-Korean Apple fan girl has created this great video, performing a cover of Lady GaGa's massive dubbed song Poker Face.The special thing here is that she uses 4 iPhones and 3 different apps and her own voice. I just checked this video is watched over 2.4 million times. I think she got great talent. You can find her via her own YouTube channel. Good to see that South-Korea with big names in mobile devices like Samsung and LG still has many passionate Apple Fan Boy and Girls.


iPhone TIPS: Most Annoying Soccer Sound Vuvuzela for iPhone [FREE]

Posted: 13 Jun 2010 01:44 AM PDT

Soccer fans watching the FIFA World Soccer 2010 matches in South Africa are pretty annoyed by the Vuvuzela. This instrument generates a constant sound of a big swarm of African killer bees. Many people complaining about it because it distract the players and the fans in even those back home on the couch. But if you like the sound, there are several Vuvuzela iPhone apps in the store. One of them Vuvuzela 2010 [App Store Link] is free. Also check the video the get an idea.


iPhone TIPS: FaceTime over 3G Reason To Jailbreak iPhone 4

Posted: 12 Jun 2010 09:48 AM PDT

- by - In the beginning of the iPhone there were plenty of reasons to jailbreak the iPhone. Doing that, enables the owner to install additional software which was not available via the App Store. Examples are apps that enables Skype or VOIP over 3G network, and disapproved apps which are welcomed with open arms in the Cydia Store for jailbroken iPhones. Or some kind of experimental multitasking programs that bypasses Apple's limitation to run more than one app at the time. However, Apple has listen very well to the customer and that is a good thing! (and the 3G telco's did that too) So the new iOS 4 will have Skype over 3G, Multitasking and so on. There are lesser reasons nowadays for the need of a good-old jailbreak. However during Steve Jobs WWDC keynote iPhoneDev Team's Musclenerd identified a whole new reason for a jailbreak. This tweet say it all:

Apple just gave whole new reason to jailbreak iPhone 4: to trick FaceTime video chat to use 3G (not restricted to WiFi

Q: Why can this be an good reason for a jailbreak? A: Apple has restricted iPhone 4 to have FaceTime video calling over WiFi only and not over 3G. If the Dev Team jailbreak the new iOS soon, they might be able to help all of us get FaceTime video calling over 3G as well. I think this is cool for us and less cool for the telco's like AT$T ;) Let's sit back and wait till there is more news.


iPhone TIPS: How To Get an FREE iPhone 4 PV Now?

Posted: 12 Jun 2010 07:43 AM PDT

Q: How to get an iPhone 4 PV? A: PV stands for Paper Version and can  be downloaded here.  Q: Why should I need a iPhone 4 PV? A: Many reasons I can think of. First, the real iPhone 4 is not available in your country (yet). Second, you can't afford it (yet) or third, you like to create things with paper. In all three situations this DIY kit is the way to go! In case you can't read it, it is in German langauge. via

iPhone 4 PV DIY kit Download

iPhone TIPS: Watch Realtime App Store Activity [video]

Posted: 12 Jun 2010 07:05 AM PDT

Q: What is it? A: It is called the hyperwall and showed at the WWDC2010.  
  Fellow blogger Mashable has shot this video.  The wall shows the top 50,000 apps in the App Store across a bank of 30 (thirty)  large LED Cinema Displays. Anytime an app is downloaded it falls into a color-coordinated stack across the displays. Once the display hits 10,800 apps, it resets and starts over with app downloads.

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