Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cool Websites and Tools [May 15'th]

cool websites

(1) Ecoder - Online code editor that supports many features of a locally installed app. It includes a file browser, file uploader, tabbed system and enables you to edit multiple files at the same time. Read more: Ecoder - Browser Based Code Editor.

(2) E-Mail Icon Generator - Email address to image converters that protect your email address from spam bots. It takes you email and generates a pleasant email image branded with a provider's logo. Read more: Email Address to Image Converter.

(3) Listhings - Free online dashboard to easily create and edit your personal notes. You can use it to save temporary notes and manage to-do lists online. Just start typing and your text will be saved automatically as you type. Read more: Listhings - Online Dashboard For Text Notes.

(4) Movylo - Comprehensive online mobile CMS platform that provides a variety of tools using which you can create mobile-friendly sites with content (text, images, videos and tones), aggregate and publish feeds, write blog posts, create and make surveys and much more. Read more: Movylo - Create Your Own Mobile Site.

(5) WikiAlarm - WikiAlarm is an online tool that lets you track Wikipedia edits on the pages that interest you and get email alerts whenever someone edits them. The site is easy to use and you can monitor unlimited number of pages. Read more: WikiAlarm - Track Wikipedia Edits & Get Email Alets.

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