Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cool Websites and Tools [May 16'th]

cool websites

(1) Tunes Trailers - Find and watch HD movie trailers. The site is easy-to-navigate, uncluttered and contains HD (high-definition) format movie trailers from all the major studios. Read more: Tunes Trailers - Watch HD Movie Trailers Free.

(2) PayItLink - Online tool that makes PayPal payment requests easy. You CAN simply type in your PayPal email address, add description, the price and click on the "Create Pay It Link" button. The application will generate a short link which you can include into your email, IM and Twitter message. Read more: PayItLink - Makes Paypal Payment Requests Easy.

(3) Pixer - Lightweight photo editor that includes only the most common image editing functions and effects like cropping, resizing, flip/rotate, blur/sharpen etc. Read more: - Lightweight Online Image Editor.

(4) Rendeznew - Here you can can find a find midpoint between four addresses. You can further narrow down suggested meeting points by type of food joints, bars, coffee shops, lodging, art galleries etc. Read more: Rendeznew - Find A Midpoint Between Two Addresses.

(5) Repper - Online tool for creating beautiful patterns. All you need to do is upload an image (or click for random one) and then use the on-site editor to make a beautiful pattern. Read more: Repper - Tool For Creating Patterns Online.

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